• Holiday Card Organization

    Do you have a thousand holiday cards sitting on your mantle right now? Taped to a door frame? Clipped to a ribbon or picture frame? I absolutely adore getting those cards covered in photos of my family and friends (and sometimes their pets). I am as bad as the kids about racing to the mailbox to see who we have received cards from each day during the holidays!

    Last year I finally gave up on trying to display them on the mantle, since the photo cards tended to slide off into the floor. I wanted a way to display them that would allow me to leave them out all year, as well. I hate putting away all those sweet faces! I had seen a number of interesting displays, including a Christmas tree made of pallet wood. Although I loved that display, it didn’t meet my need for something to keep out year round. I started rummaging through my garage for inspiration, and came up with an old wood picture frame that was destined for Goodwill. I decided to give it a makeover and repurpose it as a card display. Continue Reading

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  • Bunny Cakes PJs

    Kid’s Clothes Week is in full swing, and so far I have sewn at least an hour a day! I have successfully neglected dishes and cooking, but have not convinced the kids to skip their extra-curriculars so Mom can sew. If only, right?

    bunny cakes

    In addition to it being KCW, this week had another special day. Tuesday was Read for the Record day with Jumpstart. Read for the Record is a celebration of early childhood education and literacy that gets people all over the country reading the same book on the same day. This year’s book was Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells, a Max and Ruby favorite in our house! Max and Joel have a lot in common! To celebrate the day, I read to my daughter’s class, and shared the book with Joel’s teacher so that she could read, as well. The grand finale surprise was a set of pajamas for Joel that “matched” what Max was wearing in the book. So nice of KCW and Jumpstart to coordinate their dates and themes this year! Continue Reading

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  • (Mis)Adventures in Knits

    I have been sewing for about ten years now, but have only started to work with knits in the last year or so. Knits are scary, aren’t they? I mean, there are about 500 million different types of knit fabric, and they all stretch differently, and have different care instructions, and you have to use a special needle and a special stitch, and, and, and!!!! All of these ands kept me away for quite some time, but about 6 months ago I decided to really make more of an effort to expand my sewing repertoire and learn how to sew with knits. Continue Reading

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  • Signature Style

    So I missed my original goal to sew for the first three weeks of Project Run and Play. I had an awesome denim outfit planned out, but did not have the time last week to make it. Between Girl Scouts, church, volunteering/decorating at Lil’s school, and getting in a long run, the time just disappeared and I was too tired to pull an all-nighter! I HAVE completed my goal of sewing along for three out of four weeks, though! I am crazy excited to share my look for signature style week! Continue Reading

  • Friday Fun Time

    Joel and I spent some time volunteering at the elementary school today, and when we got home he wanted to stay outside and play. The yard was pretty wet from last night’s rain, and someone had left the lid off of the sandbox, but he said he’d hang on the patio while I brought things in from the car and started laundry. After about 5 minutes of playing around on the patio he was asking for tape and a stick. Hm. Sure, kiddo, but what for? “Momma, I’m making a boat.” And what a boat it was! Continue Reading

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  • Noodlehead Envelope Clutch – Selfish Sewing Week 2014

    One of my very favorite free patterns/tutorials is the Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch. Until yesterday that was the only Noodlehead design that I had ever sewn, although there are tons of bag patterns that I am interested in, I just haven’t made that many bags. Yesterday I saw the release of the updated Envelope Clutch pattern and I knew I had to make it. Right. That. Minute. Continue Reading

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  • Week Two – The Hand-Me-Down Makeover

    It’s week two of the Project Run and Play sew along, and I am still sewing! I set the goal for myself that I would sew along with three out of four weeks this time, and I am still on track!

    full outfit outside

    This week’s theme is The Hand-Me-Down Makeover: take hand-me-downs or up-cycle items and turn them into a stylish outfit for your child. I have two or three bins full of clothes that we won’t wear again, but that I can’t part with because I am sure I can use them for something! You never know when you are going to need old clothes for a blogging sew along, right? Continue Reading

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  • Hampton Hoodie Pattern Test

    On Tuesday I got a last second opportunity to test the newest Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop women’s pattern, the Hampton Hoodie (affiliate link). I had seen the call for testers earlier this month, but had passed because I didn’t think I would have time. When Amy needed more testers to check the fit one last time, I just happened to have a little sewing time available and all of the fabric I would need in my stash. Continue Reading

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  • Project Run and Play!

    I am so excited to be sewing along for Project Run and Play this season! I have enjoyed following along for a while now, but have somehow always missed the theme announcements in the past. This year I caught the theme announcement, and have been able to plan some sewing so that I can participate in the sew along. It actually worked out pretty well that I could let Joel embellish an item that was already in the works so that I could get in my first sew along entry.

    Continue Reading

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  • Alligator Shorts – Finally Friday

    Have you ever had a project that you were really excited about, but for whatever reason it just kept getting pushed to the back burner? Almost two years ago I bought the Surf’s Up Board Shorts from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link). It was one of my first pdf patterns, and it was definitely THE first that I bought to make for my boy. Continue Reading

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